Climbing plants are a great choice when space is becoming limited in a garden. They can be a perfect solution where coverage is needed on a wall or fence as they bring immediate impact, beautiful foliage and stunning scents.

At Milestone we have a vast array of climbers, including many varieties of the ever popular Clematis, gorgeous scented Jasmines and Honeysuckles, stunning Wisterias and the more unusual Passiflora.

Whatever you're after, if you do need help, just ask one of our team to advise you on the type of climber that will suit your conditions and location best.


Kirstie's Tips

caring for your climbers

Climbers like to grow in the sun, but their roots need to be shaded. To help with this, it is a good idea to plant some low plants around their feet and plant them in humus-rich, well-drained soil.

A climbing support will provide structure for theplant to take hold of and wind around as it grows.

Kirsty's Tips

planting your shrubs

Drought stress is common with newly planted trees and shrubs. Even in a cool, wet summer, the rain rarely replenishes soil moisture stores fully.

Watering aids can assist watering of newly planted trees such as irrigation tubes (biodegradable tree irrigation pipe made from potato starch is available) or watering bags such as Treegator